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Direction West, Arabic sea

We went West, direction Arabic sea. This part of the tour brought us through amazing landscapes and majestic mountains. We enjoyed the power of nature, and behind every curve of the road enrolled a new fairytale. Our fotocamera was too small and simple to capture it. On the road from Kodaikkanal to Munar, we tasted delicious coconuts, served by a very nice lady and her litle daughter. We visited a spicegarden and thee factory. This was ...somehow touristic, although very nice.

But when we finally arrived in Munar, we couldn't believe our eyes. For us it looked like Teletubies country, the rolling green hills with thousand shades of green and complex patterns. We made long walks and enjoyed every step, exept the one on a rolling stone. Drinking green tea has a whole other dimension now. It was with some sadness that we had to leave for our last stage. Little did we know that last was not least, but this you will learn in our last post. For now, enjoy the pictures and be jealous!