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A yoga and meditation retreat in the Himalayas

Trip to Bhrigu lake


In order to reach the Bhrigu Lake we had to follow a steep trail covered by large pine trees. Every now and then we marveled by seeing the amazing panoramic views, it literally took our breath away. Crossing small rivers, climbing and stumbling over the rocky pathways we reached our camping ground. Path to camping ground




Camping on 3200 m altitude surrounded by the snow-covered mountain chain is a very special feeling. After a nice dinner we gathered round the fire and shared our live stories. At night we gazed at the million stars and the enchanting light of the Milky Way.

Never before we had a toilet with a view on a troop of monkeys and their babies. No wonder everybody took his time ….

Monkeys near the camping site

We still didn't reach our highest point. A very exiting trek brought us to an altitude of 4ooo m.  Every step our knees sunk into the snow. We left the trees behind, and the air was cold and thin. Finally we reached our destination, and there we stood, touching the dark blue sky. We were so happy and proud!

Happy and proud