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Why Yoga Course in India is Important in Modern Busy Lifestyle?

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Let’s us explain to you, why yoga course in India is important? Due to advanced technology, we are able to live a little comfortable life in spite of following a daily busy lifestyle. But somehow we are now less active as compared to our parents when the technology was not as advanced. What could be done to keep yourself active? Well, practicing yoga daily is known to offer many health benefits and that’s why nowadays people even enrol themselves for yoga and tours in India to stay fit and active. Read on to know how important yoga is in our modern busy lifestyle.

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Yoga helps in maintaining Flexibility-

Earlier, our parents washed their clothes with their hands and maintain their flexibility while washing machines nowadays have taken the job of washing clothes from us. Though it is making our life little easier but causing our body to move less and work less. Not only washing machines but other machines helpful in household work are also affecting our body somehow.

While machines are affecting our body’s mobility, practicing yoga can do wonders for our bone and joints health and in turn, can help maintain flexibility and mobility. If we will have a more flexible body by joining a yoga course in India then don’t you think it can make our life just a little bit more manageable?

Moreover, inflexibility in muscles can cause poor posture. By improving flexibility with the help of yoga poses, we can even improve body posture. How? Read on to know more about yoga’s benefit in improving posture.

Yoga helps improve posture - Yoga Teacher Training India

We all know, our head is big, round and heavy somewhat like a bowling ball. If it’s balanced correctly over our spine, it takes less effort for our neck and muscles to support it. If you move it little forward you will notice some strain over your muscles and feel tired very soon. This is because of poor posture. If you also feel the same, that means, you need to improve your posture. Again, what can be done to perfect your posture? Yoga poses!

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Yoga helps build strength -

Those who hate weight lifting and don’t want to go gym just to build strength can opt for yoga and tours in India. This is because yoga is known to play a vital role when comes to building strength. Yoga is a low impact exercise and a total body workout that helps tone the muscles to make us little attractive.

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But how can yoga provide this benefit? Yoga involves a set of exercises where we need to make transition constantly from one position to other different position and at the same time we challenge our muscles to support our body weight and in short, strengthen it.

Yoga helps improve concentration-

What will happen if your loved ones keep telling you some stories or some important information and you are unable to concentrate and focus? You may be wondering that, Is there any link between yoga and concentration? Yes, daily practicing of yoga poses is helpful in improving concentration and you will stay focused on the present.

Moreover, it has been found that yoga is even helpful in improving IQ and memory. So, why not take out just 30-45 minutes from your daily busy routine to help yourself stay focused!

There is an interesting thing which you may want to know. People often visit hill station not only to visit bhrigu lake trek in Manali but to get a break from their everyday busy life and to take yoga classes there as well.

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Yoga can help improve heart health-

The health of our heart is essential for our overall health. You may already know how hard working our heart is! It is pumping blood throughout the body and transport essential nutrients to tissues. Yoga is known to benefit heart functions and reduce the risk of many heart-related health problems. If practicing yoga is so beneficial to our heart health, then why not take out some time from our busy schedule to practice it daily. Of course, you can think of going on yoga and tours in India to get more advantages of yoga.

Yoga helps calm your mind-

Not only yoga helps in improving concentration but fosters mental calmness as well. Practicing yoga asanas in a hilly area in front of mountains can help you focus better on your breath and disengage from your own stressful thoughts.

How many times you have been in Manali? 3 times! Have you ever tried yoga classes there? “No”! This time when you visit this beautiful hill station, do not go on trekking, paragliding, skydiving only, but try yoga classes there as well. Of course, you can visit bhrigu lake trek in Manali too if you are a beginner or experienced trekker. But what if you get some health benefits of yoga along with fun activities which you may want to try there. A win-win situation!

Yoga teaches better breathing-

Have you ever give a second thought to how you breathe? Most of us don’t! Yoga breathing exercises, also known as pranayama, can help us to focus on breathing and we will learn how to take deeper breaths. Taking deeper breaths will help your entire body somehow.

Yoga poses becomes extra beneficial for people with some respiratory allergies. Practicing yoga breathing exercises can help clear the nasal passages and give a clear pathway to fresh air. Not only the respiratory system, but yoga exercises can also help maintain the good health of the nervous system too.

Yoga helps reduce stress-

You may have often heard from people saying that exercise can help reduce stress. Is it really true? Yes, it is true! Any kind of physical activity can help relieve stress. This is particularly true of yoga. If you are dealing with a daily stressful life, then you can think of opting yoga and tours in India. You will get a chance to travel to a new city and meet new people in yoga classes. In short, you will get a chance to socialize and can have some new friends.

Believe me, you will leave a yoga class with a feeling of stress-free (less stressed if not stress-free).

Yoga helps increase your self-confidence-

One of the most important benefits of doing yoga is to improve your mind-body connection. Better mind-body connection will give you a better awareness of your own body. It will help learn small movements in order to improve your alignment. It will help you in better touch with your body and moreover, it will help shape your body. In turn, you will feel more comfortable with your body and your self-confidence will be increased.

Yoga can promote sleep quality-

Poor sleep is known to be associated with weight gain, high blood pressure and depression. While a healthy sleep can help you keep fresh and active throughout the day. How can sleep quality be improved? Incorporating yoga into your daily routine can help promote sleep quality. So, if you are also dealing with weight related issues or suffering from depression, poor sleep could be the reason. And performing yoga daily or going on yoga and tours in India can help you overcome these health issues by maintaining healthy sleep.

Yoga helps support your bone health-

Opting for a yoga course in India can also help you have good bone health. There are some yoga poses that require you to lift your own weight. Poses such as downward and upward facing dog can help strengthen your arm and leg bones, and minimize the risk of fractures. You may have heard since your childhood days that calcium helps keep your bones strong. There is one interesting thing about yoga poses. That is, yoga poses can help lower down the stress hormone levels and in turn, helps keep the calcium level balanced in the bones.

Yoga can help reduce pain-

So, you bent the wrong way yesterday and feeling pain in your back now? Well, you are not alone suffering from this persistent problem. Millions of people are affected by a wide range of possible causes of back pain. From simple injury to arthritis, anything can be the culprit for your back pain. Now, you might be wondering of yoga’s benefits in combating back pain. Yes, practicing yoga is known to benefit in dealing with many types of pain. By reducing pain, it can help people improve physical functions too. Would you still think of going on yoga and tours in India? Let us give you one more reason to take yoga classes!

Yoga helps improve quality of life-

Yoga is becoming popular among people as a therapy to improve quality of life. But, how yoga can enhance an individual’s quality of life? Well, practicing yoga daily can help improve sleep quality, spiritual well-being, social interactions and reduce stress. It will help you stay active throughout the day and complete your daily tasks actively.

So, we have described the benefits of yoga in details. Now, it’s your turn to incorporate it into your daily routine to experience its health benefits.

Practicing yoga in the mountains

Practicing yoga in the mountains has specific benefits for your mind, body and soul. So, what if you plan your trip to any hill station and think of joining yoga classes there! Imagine you are performing yoga poses in front of mountains alongside the flowing river. What a beautiful picturesque scene! Would you mind performing yoga poses at such an amazing place? Of course Not! Where this scenic beauty can be found? “Manali”! This place is not only famous for Bhrigu lake trek in Manali but for some other places and things too. Most importantly, people take yoga classes along with other fun activities such as trekking! But why? Read on to know an answer to this question in detail. For sure, you may also want to go to Manali for trekking along with joining yoga classes.

How important yoga course in India is while trekking?

Where would you like to go in the summer season? To beat the scorching heat of your city, you may want to go to any hilly area. Manali is frequently visited by people in all seasons and counted among one of the best destinations in India. This place is popular for various adventurous activities. One of the famous activities is trekking. Do not worry, if you are a beginner and never tried trekking in your life. Bhrigu lake trek in Manali is popular among beginners! You can try trekking at this place.

Wait what if you combine trekking with yoga! After trekking for a long day, your body may feel better after performing some stretching poses at the night. Also, the chances of bone fracture can be well managed with yoga poses. How?

Imagine, you have spent entire day trekking on Bhrigu lake trek in Manali and you may feel tired at the end of the day. Next day again, you have to go on trekking. Without strengthening your joints and muscles, you are going on trekking the next day with already feeling the tired body. And then chances of bone or joint injury are high if you fall by mistake even not so dangerously. On the other hand, if you take yoga classes and perform yoga poses or some stretching poses from the very first day of trekking then you can make your bones and joints strong enough. With the result, you can reduce the chances of bone injury.

 So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself for yoga course in India and experience the health benefits. If you want to enjoy yoga in a picturesque view of any hilly area then no option can be the best one than Manali! Now, you may not only want to go to bhrigu lake trek in Manali but also want to take yoga classes there. Don’t you?