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Open Lotus' Cultural Homestay in the Himalayas



Cultural Homestay

The Amar Family House is a homestay and yoga shala located in the center of Vashisht — a lively village in the Kullu-Manali Valley (nicknamed the "Valley of Gods”), about 3km northeast from the main city of Manali. From here, it's a 2 minute walk to the hotsprings, temples, local shops, and rooftop cafes. There are plenty of walking paths that lead to picturesque waterfalls, abundant apple orchards, and the other surrounding villages. The family house offers double rooms with attached bathroom and washroom. Most rooms offer scenic views of the mountains. The rushing waters of the mighty Beas river can be heard below.

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Balcony overlooking the Beas River

Balcony overlooking the Beas River

Scenic Views of the Beas River, Valley, & Mountains

The towering Himalayan mountains, the roar of the Beas River, the crisp mountain air, and the the faint sounds of village life below; all of it can be experienced from your room. Our accommodations offer stellar views of the Manali-Kullu valley. Balconys that face west offer the perfect view to watch the sunset, meditate, or read.

Photo Credit: Katherine Hutchison

Photo Credit: Katherine Hutchison

Authentic, Home Cooked Meals

Our meals are home cooked from ingredients locally grown in the valley. Our dairy products come from the two family cows—thanks, ladies! We offer breakfast and dinner. Interested in what goes into making a meal? Come help in the kitchen and see what goes into prepping an authentic Indian dinner. 




Quick Facts about our Homestay:

What are the rooms like? 

Our bedrooms offer scenic views of the valley, river, and towering mountains. Twin beds can be combined to form one single bed. The bathroom comes equipped with a shower and warm water. Bottled water is not included in the rooms, but you can ask our staff to purchase water if needed. Laundry services are also available upon request—perfect for weary travelers wanting some clean clothes!

Where is the yoga studio? 

The yoga studio is attached to the homestay! The newly built yoga shala offers the best environment to practice yoga and meditative exercises at any time of the day! Windows encompass the studio space creating a warm environment full of natural light. The studio is open to guests that wish to practice or take lessons. 

What is the food like? Do you offer vegetarian options?

All of the food is home cooked by Rhitu and Padma—the lovely wives of your hosts. They provide authentic Indian meals (which are largely vegetarian) and can make non-vegetarian meals upon request. All of the food is locally grown. The dairy comes from the family cows! If you are vegan/lactose intollerant, please notify us and we will accommodate your dietary needs. We provide breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. We do not provide lunch, but there are plenty of local, diverse lunch options within the village of Vashisht. Food options within the village include Italian, German, Israeli, Jamaican, Korean, Chinese, and Tibetan cuisine.

Where is the Amar House located?

Our accommodations are located in the small village of Vashisht — a town located 3km northeast of Manali in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Vashisht is known for it's two beautiful temples (Rama & Shiva Temples), natural hot spring baths (located 200 yards from the homestay!), and diverse shops, restaurants and cafes. If you wish to explore outside of Vashisht, you can hire an auto-rickshaw to take you to Manali or any of the surrounding villages like Solang Valley to the north or Old Manali to the west. There are plenty of walking paths that weave throughout the valley, some of which lead to the majestic Jogini Waterfall — a few hour trek from the homestay.